With only twenty games remaining to be played in this year's Division 14, the competition is very much rounding the final bend. Three teams only have four matches left, and as such will not be able to massively improve their league standings.

Division 6 promises to bring heartache and elation in equal measure this season. That is a colossal cliché to start this review with, but there is an alluring mix of ambitious first teams, along with powerful lower teams that should throw up some fascinating cricket.

If we trumpet the accomplishment of a successful prediction (see the Division 9 preview), it is only fair to make a note when our predictions are massively incorrect. We thought Dundalk 1 had a good chance of winning Division 8 in 2014 - in fact they came bottom. And Leinster 4 looked like no hopers - which made their eventual title all the more embarrassing.

After a less than stellar set of predictions last year (see above - champions Wicklow County 2 were predicted to struggle, and Clontarf 6, who had a pretty miserable season were predicted to be champions), it is probably best not to read too much into the thousand or so words below.

One of Leinster cricket's great ironies. The third tier of T20 competition (for sides in Divisions 5-8) has a trophy donated by the famous Dunlop family, and named after the YMCA club with which they will be forever associated, has never been won by any team from the Sandymount based club.This will be the 26th YMCA Salver. Do YMCA 4 have a chance of lifting the trophy?

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