Division 6 ended up in one of the most exciting league finishes of the season, and as such it is a little difficult summarising the season, knowing that the denouement was probably all that mattered

Division 8 was split into three distinct parts. There were three clubs who were battling to escape the drop (see below), there was Leinster 4, and there were five teams chasing Leinster 4

Knockharley 3 and Castleknock 3 made the early running. Castleknock won their first four matches and Knockharley being 5-2 on June 22nd

Before we get too far in to this update I feel it is important to set the scene as to what exactly Division 6 cricket is about and who the players are. Some may say this may have been more useful at the start of the season but what are you gonna do, life is life and pancakes are lovely.

Division 6 presents a bit of a problem for someone wishing to pen a thousand words on the exciting prospects for the forthcoming season. Nothing much has changed from last year!

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