Division 6 presents a bit of a problem for someone wishing to pen a thousand words on the exciting prospects for the forthcoming season. Nothing much has changed from last year!

The predicting and analysing of competitions in Leinster boils down to five simple ingredients. A dollop of "How has this team finished in the league in the last few seasons", a handful of "How has this team been performing against this year's opponents", a cup of "What has happened in the club over the winter?", and a sprinkling of "Have there been any major signings or defections from the club?".

Let us start this preview with a little bit of honesty. Division 13 looks like being a complete lottery in 2014. A case can be made for all nine teams to finish in the top three. But where is the fun in that? So once again, without wishing to offend anyone, and in the search for a small bit of entertainment, here is the 2014 preview of Division 13.

Division 7 has the honour of starting the 2013 season, with today's (Sat 13th April) match between Clontarf 4 and Wexford Wanderers 1. Will either of those teams have a pennant on their table come the annual dinner in the Autumn?

Dublin University 2 may have the best chance of moving up. Although it is even harder trying to predict how a university side will perform from year to year, one thing in paricular is in Trinity's favour. The OCC have removed the "handicap" that balanced Dublin University sides only playing half a season, meaning that their sides have recieved a definite shot in the arm. With the players onbly having to make themselves availability eight times, and their points now getting equal weighting with the opposition, there may be no better time of a Trinity promotion.

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