And finally to our 29th competition preview for the 2017 season. Division 4 starts this weekend, and perhaps oddly, there are very good reasons for why none of the eight teams will win the league. Fortunately, leagues do not work like that, and it is a case of finding which team has the best worst reason for not winning the league!

Everyone connected with cricket in Leinster will be deeply saddened by news of the death of Joe Clinton, in another desperately sad day for The Hills…

Many of our league reviews so far have predicted that teams will finish in approximately the same order as they finished last year. Teams that were relegated from above should stay too strong, those that are promoted from below will find it too tough. But Division 9 looks as if it could be a bit different. And so at the risk of looking stupid come September, our Division 9 preview has some slightly left field predictions.

Division 12 is going to throw up some fascinating matches in 2017. Let us cast our mind back to 2012. Leinster 5 were flying high in 60th place in the league structure - a solid Division 8 side. North County 4 weren't too far behind - in Division 9. At the other end of the scale Balbriggan 3 were struggling at the bottom of Division 16, finishing in 115th place.

So without further ado, here is our Division 16 preview for the 2017 season!

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