The one remarkable thing about the Division 13 league table, is that we are into August, and Laois 3 are still listed as having completed a game. That is partly due to a bereavement in the club that has meant the last few cards have been a bit delayed, but is mainly due to awful luck with the weather, giving Laois 3 five NRs from five attempts.

The three Division 2 matches on the August Bank Holiday Monday, merely emphasized that The Hills are odds on favourite for the Division 2 title but also strengthened the feeling in many people's minds that it is Phoenix who are most likely to grab the second promotion spot.

The weather seems to have allowed a few games to have been played in the past week and our overall leader’s lead has been cut to 42 points

Is it not time for the LCC to come up with some proper names for the Cup competitions?

Monday's Division 1 action could be summed up with the bland comment that the top four all won, whilst those struggling at the wrong end of the table all lost. Whilst factually correct, that would hide a day of drama and excitement, in which at least three of the bottom sides will be rueing missed chances.

Looking at the overall league performances, how are the different clubs doing.

The final set of reports from OC D13 - D16.

Another OC league checkpoint from the start of August - D9 - D12

YMCA take on Clontarf in the big final at Claremont Road.

What has happened over the past few weeks in D5 - D8.

This weekend sees the completion (weather permitting) of three Leinster Cup competitions

The semi final line up for the 2015 Alan Murray Cup was confirmed last night, when the North Group came to a conclusion. The Hills, North County and Clontarf were all in the mix, but North County dropped out of the equation when their match against Balbriggan was brought to a premature, bad light induced end. Balbriggan were 34-0 at that stage - seven runs ahead of the DLS par score from five overs, handing Balbriggan a famous win over their neighbours.

Craig Senior looks at some of the more unusual stats from this year's Open Comps

With only twenty games remaining to be played in this year's Division 14, the competition is very much rounding the final bend. Three teams only have four matches left, and as such will not be able to massively improve their league standings.

There has been a huge amount of cricket played in Division 3 since our last round up - nine matches in all. Those nine matches have had a big affect on the averages, but there have also been some big changes in the league table.

If you are needing your memory refreshed, those three matches saw Phoenix beat Rush by 116 runs (with Samuel Anderson scoring 120); Leinster beat Balbriggan by 130 runs (Leinster's Joe Carroll scoring 94 and 5-39); and The Hills maintaining top spot after a three wicket win over Terenure (Ben Speake scored 81 for Terenure and Tomas Rooney Murphy took 5-45 and 34* for The Hills).

Civil Service 4 have dominated the season so far, and with only five matches left, cannot finish lower than 54%. It is unlikely they will finish in the bottom half, and have to be the favourites for the title. Behind them, the next five teams all have a chance of being in the shake up for the top....or the bottom depending on how things go. Dundalk 2 and Merrion 8 are adrift at the bottom, and need points - but with over half their season left.

Because of pressure with dates when determining the fixtures programme, the Alan Murray Cup Finals day date of 9th August was clashing with a Leinster Lightning Interpro fixture. This was obviously less than ideal and now looking at the teams likely to be in the contest would be likely to be seriously affected.

With low cloud, heavy drizzle, and worse enveloping Leinster yesterday, the only Division 1 match to escape the worst of the conditions was in Cork, where Cork County entertained Railway Union. Both teams find themselves in the bottom half of the table, and even at this stage of the season, the match had a feel of a relegation clash. That is possibly a little harsh - Pembroke and Malahide find themselves in a similar situation - but a Railway Union loss would have left them with a lot of work to do.

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