A slightly behind schedule mid-season review of OC Division 7.

Ger Siggins provides a preview of the 2014 RSA Senior Cup Final

Clubs have different priorities going into the final four matches of the league season.

The first trophies of the season will be lifted today, when Railway Union hosts the finals of the Whelan Cup and Russell Court Trophy.

Results and individual performances from R10 [D1] and also the weekend D2 matches.

Preview of a full round of D1 and D2 matches.

Update on the D1 Averages for 12th July.

In Divisions 1 - 4 all matches must be played, no result games as T20s. In other divisions washed out matches are not normally refixed but matches called…

Please note General Playing Regulation 2.7 with regard to registrations which indicates that new registrations after 50% of a league programme has been played are not permissible without specific OCC approval.

It will be necessary in some cases to play postponed Open Comps league fixtures as evening T20s. The OCC reminds clubs that where this is occurring in…

Update on what is happening in Division 8

Mid season review for Division 9. Phoenix IV lead the way.

The SFs of the RSA Leinster Senior Cup produced wins for Clontarf and Malahide

Another quick look at how teams are doing in one of the OC Divisions.

Semi-finals day - The Hills v Malahide and Merrion v Clontarf

Targets reached by 30th June 2014.

Leinster Lightning dominate second day against North West Warriors

How are teams and players doing in D13.

Three Leinster teams make it through to the Irish Cup Semi-Finals on 2nd August.

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