The draws for the Semi Finals of the Leinster Senior and Senior 2 Cups will be conducted in Clontarf Cricket Club on Monday next, 15th June, at 11.30 a.m.

Summary report on OC League D14 at the start June.

Next week sees the second round of both the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup and the National Cup, and this is how the rankings see those ties

Division 2 promises to be one of the most competitive for years, but some patterns are already apparent. Dublin University have already been confirmed as the bottom placed team in the division, and the lack of their players in the averages is not surprising (Will von Behr being the one entrant in the batting). At the other end of the scale, The Hills provide many of the top players.

The quarter finals draw for the Leinster Senior Cup & Senior 2 Cup was made this morning in Malahide before the start of the Ireland's Intercontinental Cup match against the UAE.

The draws for the second rounds of the Leinster Senior and Senior 2 Cups will be conducted in Malahide Cricket Club on Tuesday next, 2nd June, at 11.30 a.m, during the first day of the Ireland vs UAE Intercontinental Cup clash.

Report on the play in the first round of the Leinster Senior Cup.

Good outcome for most Leinster sides in ISC.

Please note and ensure relevant members of your club are fully informed that the regulations specify that Pink Balls and Fielding Circles are to be used in all games in these competitions. Several cases of lack of awareness of these have been reported to me.

The second weekend in May saw what for many followers of Irish club cricket is the higlight of the season - the first round of the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup and the National Cup. Although rain caused big problems for groundsmen in the lead up to the matches, eleven Leinster teams took to the field, with incredibly nine of them winning their first round matches.

Due to some technical changes to the website, there has been a change to the email address that scorecards and queries must be sent for all Open Competition matches.

In the same vain as our statistical review of Division 2 last week, we look at Division 1 with the hard nosed view of a mathematician.

With Paul Reynolds away for the weekend, and the 2015 Division 2 season starting on Saturday, today's Division 2 preview takes a slightly different, more statistical slant.

Clontarf's mid-winter decision to decline the chance of promotion has left something of an odd feeling to this year's Division 3. The champions from last year stay still, but with little to prove, whilst with only one team coming down from Division 2, there isn't the normal intrigue as to what may happen.

Division 5 is only a week away, but for the teams involved, the warm April afternoons must be massively frustrating. All cricketers are aching to get going when the skies are blue, and the ground dry. Railway Union 3 and Malahide 3 meet on April 26th, but the rest of the division must wait even longer - most clubs play over the May Bank Holiday weekend - apart from Mullngar 1 who wait until May 17. Another month!

Division 6 promises to bring heartache and elation in equal measure this season. That is a colossal cliché to start this review with, but there is an alluring mix of ambitious first teams, along with powerful lower teams that should throw up some fascinating cricket.

The plan has been to get this preview distributed to the cricketing public before the first Division 7 match of the season took place on Sunday 12th April. We just about failed, but with the match between Clontarf 4 and Laois 2 being abandoned after only three balls, not too much has been lost by being a little late.

If we trumpet the accomplishment of a successful prediction (see the Division 9 preview), it is only fair to make a note when our predictions are massively incorrect. We thought Dundalk 1 had a good chance of winning Division 8 in 2014 - in fact they came bottom. And Leinster 4 looked like no hopers - which made their eventual title all the more embarrassing.

There is a very real tingling of excitement around Leinster cricket at the moment. There's a sense that any club has a chance of progressing to the top, a feeling that the sport as a whole is slowly making an impact on the collective sporting conciousness. Most clubs are attracting lots of new players, both from within the province and outside.

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