List of scorecards that were not submitted by the relevant deadline for Open Competition matches in 2017. An automatic 5 point penalty is levied…

Review of R3 of Russell Court D2 League

Review of R3 of the Russell Court D1 League

Preview of R3 of the Russell Court Division 2 League

List of unregistered players who played in Open Competitions in 2017. An automatic 5 point penalty is levied each time. Further penalties could apply.…

And finally to our 29th competition preview for the 2017 season. Division 4 starts this weekend, and perhaps oddly, there are very good reasons for why none of the eight teams will win the league. Fortunately, leagues do not work like that, and it is a case of finding which team has the best worst reason for not winning the league!

The 2017  Division 1 season starts tomorrow, and there will be previews of all the team news and for each match to enliven your Saturday morning.…
 There is little getting away from the fact that Merrion are going to be tough to beat in 2017. Their squad is settled, with much the same as last…

Welcome to new season from OCC As the new season kicks off in earnest the OCC wishes to remind clubs, administrators, captains and players of some things that will make the running of LCU competitions more smooth and easier for all.

I'm sure that for the 232 players who competed in Division 3 last season, and perhaps for a few diehard supporters as well, the 2016 title race went down as a classic.

The regulations for League Divisions 1-4 and related cups specify the use of the current version of DLS. This is Version 2 which has replaced Versions 1 and 1.1 which were in use last season.

Railway Union advised OCC that due to insufficient player numbers they would have to withdraw a team. After discussion, it has been agreed with them that this will be their Division 9 team. Please note therefore that your fixtures against them are cancelled.

From the outside, Division 6 looks like a league that no one wants to be in. 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams residing here should really be playing at a higher level if a club has aspirations to improve. Seven teams fall into that category, with the only one who wants to be here (and in fairness has no choice!) is Merrion 5. Of the other seven, only two will have the opportunity of promotion to the promised land of Division 5, and for two teams, there will be the nightmare of dropping eveb further down the ladder.

Our last league preview looked at Division 5, and was full of optimism for teams who by and large had a good chance of winning the league Division 7 is similar - most of the teams have a good chance of winning the trophy. There is a difference however, that difference being that the majority of the eight teams in Division 7 look to be prime relegation material.

But to be perfectly honest. we could have also said that they we wanted to have a look at Division 5 because it is so darn interesting. Division 5 this year has everything - nine teams, who all could realistically say that they have a chance of winning; a few up and coming teams who could surprise a few; a couple of established teams experiencing slight decline; and a couple of champion teams who are there to be shot down.

Division 8 will be a seven team division in 2017, and even at this early stage, it looks as if those 42 matches will lead to a table of two halves with a definite top four and a bottom three. To see who we think will be in each half, read on.

Many of our league reviews so far have predicted that teams will finish in approximately the same order as they finished last year. Teams that were relegated from above should stay too strong, those that are promoted from below will find it too tough. But Division 9 looks as if it could be a bit different. And so at the risk of looking stupid come September, our Division 9 preview has some slightly left field predictions.

The 2017 season kicked off yesterday with three matches being played in glorious sunny weather.  The Hills 4 overcame Malahide 4 with Ryan Tobin…
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