On a sadder note, we pay tribute to the larger than life sports journalist and cricket fanatic, Johnny Lyons, who passed away this week, with 98fm's Barry Dunne.

With the forecast for both Saturday and Sunday being less than promising, all teams in Open Competitions should bear in mind the regulations regarding rained off matches

  Yesterday saw Civil Service host a pairs match for the U'11 Girls. This rounded up the Cricket Leinster summer activities for all the Cricket Leinster…

With seventeen matches remaining to be played in Division 10, it looks as if the destination of the title is a three horse race, with Dundalk 1, Swords 1 and Railway Union 5 jostling for top spot. Delve a little deeper and it looks as if it is only Dundalk and Swords who really have a chance.

With the business end of the season upon, the heavyweight teams on the island come to the fore.

The following squads have been selected for the U12 District Cup (Dublin City) which is taking place in Castle Avenue today.

The top two teams in Division 11 are already known, but two titanic battles remain to see which one of them lifts the Division 11 title. YMCA 5 and Castleknock 2 are already guaranteed the top spots, but they meet on August 30th and September 13th to decided the destination of the title.

Plenty of water has passed under the bridge since our last look at Division 4, less a trickle than a flood of Niagara proportions.

The coming weekend sees the completion of Cricket Leinster’s cup finals for 2015.

A Varma’s lead has gone and he has now fallen into third place. He has been passed by long time stalker YMCA’s Simranjit Singh and also by R Tariq of Clontarf.

The Hills CC was the host for the Fingal under 9 Tournament this summer

There are at least two things guaranteed to make you realise just how old you really are. One is your body’s reaction to the first game of the season and the other is when daughters have their 21st birthday parties

Our "mid-season" look at all leagues, has now morphed into a preview of the last few weeks of the season. Division 12 is bubbling over nicely, with three teams still capable of winning the league, and all but the top two are still possible candidates to finish in the bottom two.

The main innings of last week, was by a batsman who finished on the losing side, and who is only at number 10 in the batting averages. Angus Dunlop, holder of 114 caps for Ireland, scored his 19th senior century in Leinster cricket, with his 115* coming off only 73 balls, including 37 off the 26th over of the innings. YMCA 2 were dismissed for only 172, with Dunlop scoring 66.9% of the runs.

Two weeks have passed since the last round up of the Division 1 averages, a fortnight in which ten Division 1 matches have been played. YMCA, Cork County, Pembroke and North County have all played three games in that period, with the other four teams playing once. Clontarf and Pembroke have been unbeaten in that period, with Railway Union and Malahide failing to win a game.

How to increase participation in club cricket Should we increase the number of T20 competitions.

After nearly two seasons of the Slog Sweep contributor and friend of the show, Ger Siggins pops into the studio to catch up with Robbo and Bails

The starring list is upon us again. Once a month Clubs and teams have to decide the fate of all of the players and for which team they will appear. Now with the result cards containing so much detail the OCC can quickly work out who is on a list but has not been playing. Each Club has been allocated an OCC member who reviews and works with each club to ensure that their list is current and also proper.

The coming weekend sees the completion of three more Open Competition Cup competitions.

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