Update on progress on the registration of players - one week on.

Every year throws up a division that is closer than all the others, and this is it. Some one is going to be unlucky to be relegated, someone will rocket up the table after a couple of wins in August, and there will be a battle royal at the top. All we have to do is to try and find out who will fill which role.

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While the T20 World Cups are being held in Bangladesh at the moment, the 2 annual SDCC 'European Week Against Racism' Sports blitzes took place recently at Clondalkin Leisure Centre.

A highly successful coaching workshop was run at Mount Anville school recently with 13 Leinster based PE teachers attending.

Update on progress with 'operation direct registration'

Division 10 has all the potential to be the plot of Netflix's follow up to House of Cards. Will the young upstart Slieve Bloom 1 dramatically steal the limelight and push on for higher presidential glory? Will Merrion 6 bounce back up through the Capitol after several years in minor positions? Can those stalwarts of middle government Rush 3 finally realise their potential, or will they be disposed of in a ruthless fashion?

Michael Sharp, Secretary of the OCC, outlines the important competition regulations changes ahead of the 2014 season

The start of the new season is upon us. Some changes in league structures.

Cricket Leinster in conjunction with Fingal County Council is running ‘Welcome to Cricket’ Courses.

Gerry Byrne continues his series on Leinster Senior Cup Finals with an account of Leinster's second win in the competition in 1941 against Dublin University.

Another preview, another set of excuses. Division 11 for 2014 is like the first day of school. There will be a number of teams who vaguely recognise each other, but the vast majority have never met before, and will spend the first term warily circling each other.

The announcement of the new arrangements for Player Registration

Coaching staff from the Leinster Cricket Union will soon be running the above workshop for Secondary school teachers. The course will cover areas like batting, bowling, fielding/games and will also involve a separate scorer’s course for interested teachers and/or students.

Cabinteely CC are now recruiting for their new youth section, and are running a camp for u13 boys and girls in April

Division 12 looks like being a league of two halves this season, with the nine teams nicely dividing up in to a perceived bottom four, and a top five based on a bit of guesswork. However, I predicted the winner of this league last year, so lets try again!

Another in the Series on Leinster Senior Cup Finals since 1935

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