Leinster Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association

The LCU&SA is the organisation that coordinates all aspects of cricket officiating in Leinster. We provide support and training to all umpires and scorers, from international to beginner, and organise the appointment of officials to as many matches as possible each season. We are always looking for new members.


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Grounds Association

Aims and Objectives

To work in partnership with appropriate individuals, suppliers and agencies to develop both Groundsmen and playing surfaces for all clubs and facilities affiliated to the LCU.

To act as a network of Groundsmen offering help and advice to fellow Groundsmen and interested parties. To work in partnership with the LCU and Cricket Ireland to provide appropriate training.

To use the the internet to communicate, share ideas and offer support and advice.


Membership to consist of officers and members of the Association and is free. Each cricket club/school within the province of Leinster will be encouraged to have a member involved.

All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the Association will be deemed to accept the regulations and codes of conduct that the Association has adopted.

Officers of the Associations

The committee of the Association shall be made up as follows

  • Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary
  • 3 General Members

Officers will be elected annually at the AGM.

Officiers will retire each year, but will be eligible for re-election.

Contact Info

Collie Byrne, Chairman

Guy Satchwell

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Leinster Coaches Association (Leinster CA)


The aim of the Leinster Coaches Association is to support and develop coaches in the best way possible across the Leinster region.

What are the benefits of being a LeinsterCA Member?


  1. You will receive FREE entry to ALL Coach Development Workshops (worth €7.50each)
  2. You will have the opportunity to discuss and share ideas at forums that will be a part of each coaching workshop we run.
  3. You will receive up-to-date information on upcoming courses
  4. You can avail of local, in club coaching support from other members
  5. You will receive a printed copy of the Cricket Ireland Coach Association bi-annual newsletter.
  6. You can avail of free articles, interviews, discussion forums which will be uploaded by LeinsterCA on social media.
  7. You can have the opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting (usually in March) and have an input on what direction the LeinsterCA will take henceforth.


What else does the LeinsterCA do?


  1. We nominate three coaching awards, including the ‘Coach of the Year’ to Cricket Ireland, for submission to the Cricket Ireland Awards evening, and the ICC Europe Coaching Awards.
  2. We can facilitate Introduction to Cricket Coaching courses for clubs and schools.
  3. We can facilitate local Code of Ethics courses


As we grow we hope to be able to provide more benefits to make your membership even more worthwhile! For example: providing discounts for coaching equipment and clothing; contribution to the Cricket Ireland newsletters; local coaching awards; discounts to national conferences and provide more workshops.

What do you need to do to become a LeinsterCA member?

  1. Successfully complete a Cricket Ireland coaching course – from Introduction to Cricket Coaching, through to the Level Four (Master Coach) course.
  2. You must have completed a Garda Vetting form and have received a returned letter from Cricket Ireland. (Note that this has to be renewed every 3 years)
  3. Complete and return LeinsterCA Application form along with the Annual Subscription to our Treasurer.



    The cost of the annual subscription to join the LeinsterCA is now just €15!

    Please note that membership does not include your individual coaching insurance or ECBCA membership - we recommend that you renew your membership directly with them when they contact you. If you have any queries regarding this please raise them with Cricket Ireland Coach Education Officer, Stephen Moreton (


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    Current Committee

    Mr Vincent Savino - President

    Aideen Rice – Secretary and all CRB matters – 086 8517461

    Paul Delany – Treasurer and all subscription matters (xcl CRB)

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